Philippe Séguéla – Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Philippe Séguéla, PhD, is Chief Scientific Officer and Full Professor in the department of Neurology & Neurosurgery of McGill University. Trained in neuroscience in France, Canada and the US, his world-renowned research funded by CIHR, NSERC and private foundations is primarily focused on ion channels contributing to neuronal hyperexcitability in pain circuits. His lab located in the famous Montreal Neurological Institute uses a multidisciplinary approach including state-of-the-art molecular pharmacology, transgenic mouse models, optogenetics, chemogenetics, transcriptomics, calcium imaging, electrophysiology and quantitative behavioural sensory assays to investigate key pathophysiological mechanisms in peripheral and central pain pathways. He is the scientific founder of the biotechs Antalium (1999), PainCeptor Pharma (2004) and Neurasic Therapeutics (2020). The long-term goals of Dr. Séguéla’s team and collaborators are to elucidate the cellular basis of sensory hypersensitivity in chronic pain patients and to discover innovative clinical strategies for non-opioid analgesia.